wheeeee!!!! guess what? I have two people I like/have kissed/held

and I'm not all... "ahh".
crazy, huh? I think so too.
then again...who DO I want more?
I just told Q I'm going to update in PC and he doesnt get it.
::sigh:: what a LOSER. :D

oh wait...He does get it now.

PiXieSTicKjUnkiE [8:29 PM]: so tell meQ...
PiXieSTicKjUnkiE [8:29 PM]: whats PC?
Cheshirecatspawn [8:29 PM]: shut up. Park on Caffine (notice the O in the middle, lol)
PiXieSTicKjUnkiE [8:31 PM]: ::pinches cheek:: good job

what a LOSER.
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communties aren't allowed to diiiiiie!!!!!!!! They just aren't :D and that is why I am here!!!!!!!!
I think we should NOT go to the beach the 28th.
cause um, then it would still be uhh cold. yeah that's it, cold.
and SHARKS! they are still very active right now. yep.

OH and plus Q could come if waited till, let's say....JUNE? see? It all works out.
annnd uhhh....yeah!!
oh..but I'm leaving for europe june. my my...july! perrrrrfect:) glad we could work things out.

Love you all!!
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I love you all

first order of business...

-my chickie is SO nice


-adam and i are taking fencing at solano.. anyone with us?


-i miss you all sooo much.

yay for school starting!

::waves pencil flag::


i find out who my new teacher is! wheee

oooooh, on vacation, we hit a SNOWBANK... and we were towed out by an izuzu trouper filed with local teenaged boys.

that is all
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I can't even spell planets!

ohh man you guys! ahhhhh!
why am I shaking? baseball doesn't matter.

man man man man man man man AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH SHAKING SHAKING.........

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Manda! She's the cuddle bun-nah!

man man oh MAN!