Adam (amnesiawind) wrote in parkoncaffiene,

Howdy Doo, There

I went to the beech with manda and juju yesterday, it was great and incredibally happy, i got a burn, but i dont mind, this was so great. then we found some muscles, and we smashed them open, cause they were dumb, then we found a jelly fish and a peice of drift wood, we lost the jellyfish, and manda left the peice of drift wood in the car, on the way home from there, manda was laying her head on my lap, and my hand, was reeched over rubbing her thigh, it was the single greatest memory i have, or ever will have, it was never ment to be sexual, but more of a deep, loving, rub, manda agreed that it was good, but i dont think she knows or understand how big of an impact it had on me, it was great, and id do anything to be able to do that again.

today, we were walking home, and she made it clear that she wouldnt leave me for kyle or billy, which, scared the shit out of me, because i wasnt worried about it until then, that sucks, now im paranoid, but i shouldnt be, i love her, she loves me, i am confident of that, and i trust her.

but one thing remains strange why, just bring it up, thats like kissing your husband or wife on the way to work and saying, bye honey, have a good day, and dont worry, i wont cheat on you or anything! with a smile and odd....

im scared because of my own insecuirties,
but im not scared of manda doing anything like that to me.
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